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Expands your smartphone or tablet with infrared capabilities.

The iRed™ transmitter is a small and powerful extension module.

iRed™ transmitter turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a universal remote. Just plug it into the 3.5 mm jack, so any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad expanded to its own infrared transmitter. iRed™ can be used anywhere and does not need its own supply of power.

Simply plug it in!

No complex WiFi or Bluetooth® setup.
Simply plug in - the rest is done being used by the Apps.

High quality components and a costly chrome metal housing makes the iRed™ transmitter extremely robust and gives a very long life.

iRed™ transmitter works with its own infra-red (IR)-based transmitter. With a clear view to the receiver, the range is up to 9 meters.

Full Metal Jacket

Designed to perfection.

Each iRed™ transmitter consists of a high-grade metal housing and chrome finish.

By the small size and the successful design the iRed™ transmitter adapts perfectly to your smartphone or tablet . iRed is the world's smallest remote of its kind.

Works Everywhere

Works wherever you are - at home or on the go. Controls for all of your AV devices are instantly accessible. Works without WiFi, external power, or batteries.

Simply plug the iRed™ transmitter into the 3,5mm headphone out jack of your phone or tablet.

Works with a variety of apps

iRed™ transmitter works witha variety of apps, e.g. SwitchTV, DSLR Camera Control,Universal Remote Control or A Remote+.

More and more developers useing the iRed™ transmitter, enabling new ways to use a variety of different devices.

Compatible and optimized for all Apple iOS devices

iRed™ transmitter is compatible with any Apple iOS device with a 3.5 mm jack - such as the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad - simply by being plugged into the 3.5 mm audio output.



Control your TV,Cam or DVD with iRed


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CABSTONE Lightning Connector

CABSTONE Lightning Connector

Sync/Charging Cable for devices with a Apple Lightning Connector.


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Shipping time: 2-4 Days worldwide shipping